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History of

Work on the project started in October 2019. Since then the project became the go-to documentation on Laravel package development with more than 400 stars on GitHub. There has been a vivid community of contributors within the open source / Laravel community.

Original creator

This project is originally created by John Braun. John is an avid developer with a strong sense of giving back to the community. His website is located at, and he can be found on Twitter: @jhnbrn90. Definitely go check them out if you want to learn something new!

We want to thank John Braun for his contributions to the open source / Laravel package community. This resource would not have been here without these commitments.

Current maintainer

Currently, the project is maintained by the PackagePages organisation which can be found here: PackagePages is a project which consists of a free to use SaaS application for open source developers, a blog and this documentation site. They can be found here: